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Lawyers of Ecuador is, a member of  Lawyers of Latin America (LLA), composed of a group of Ecuadorian legal experts in commercial transactions representing the interests of both individuals and companies. Your business or personal project in Ecuador will thrive with our local and international expertise.

As your trusted partner in the region, you are guaranteed to receive legal advice from professionals that fully understand the expectations of foreign investors and expats in Ecuador.


Lawyers of Ecuador offers a combination of prudence and simplicity and the most reputable attorneys in the country.

Strategically located in the heart of Quito and also with offices in Guayaquil, our Ecuadorian Lawyers cover all your legal and relocation needs in Ecuador.

Our Legal Practice Areas

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Doing Business

In order to be successful in any foreign business in Ecuador, it is crucial to understand the country’s philosophy, business and legal environment, and here is where Lawyers of Ecuador can be a fit for your interests.


Lawyers of Ecuador has extensive international expertise in company formation services throughout the Ecuadorian region and the world.



Our attorneys of Ecuador are specialists in processing Visas, Residencies & Work Permits for individuals and companies that operate in Ecuador.

Real Estate

With our advice you can invest with complete security after our Ecuador legal team of top local real estate law attorneys conducts an extensive Due Diligence and Title Search.

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