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Doing Business Ecuador
Ecuador was not a very popular investment and retirement destination until recently. A relatively small country compared to its South American neighbors; however, its location and resources have made it become one of the most attractive countries to invest in the area.

In order to be successful in any foreign business and or legal environment, it is crucial that we understand the country’s philosophy. If we can try to sum up Ecuador’s mantra, we could say that it is “Sumak Kawsay” which is an ancient indigenous concept that could be translated as “good living” accomplished only through living in balance with the community, the culture and nature.

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Any serious investor or retiree who is clever and has a long term goal must understand the local customs before pursuing any business or personal enterprise in a foreign country.

Legal Assistance on Doing Business in Ecuador

After you gain a general grasp of the business and legal environments, you will learn that in Doing Business in Ecuador the general guidelines for commercial investment are regulated by the The Organic Code of Production, Commerce and Investment referred to hereinafter as the COPCI (for its acronym in Spanish).

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The most important factor to consider regarding foreign investment and Ecuador business opportunities is the clear policy about nondiscriminatory treatment between domestic and foreign investors, their operational aspects and also about their free transfer.

Invest in Ecuador

As in most of the countries of this subcontinent where Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) operates, a Code or Compilation establishes the rights and obligations that must be respected by foreign and local businesses.

To invest or to do business in Ecuador is to explore many different interesting investment opportunities in sectors such as:

  • Agricultural
  • Tourism
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Real Estate
  • Fishing
  • Agriculture

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