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Ecuador is currently one of the most popular retirement destinations for North Americans and Europeans alike. Additionally, as the country is open to foreign investment, it has also experienced a rising need to accommodate expat executives. Ecuador has 3 main cities: Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca, but it also has exotic destinations such as the Amazonian Jungle, snowcapped mountains, exuberant beaches, colonial towns and of course the Galapagos Islands.

Within a few hours, the tourist can enjoy a myriad of natural scenes that are difficult to see in other countries and despite the globalization, this country is still one of the most affordable retirement destinations on its side of the world due to the cost of living in Ecuador. If you want to retire in Ecuador and want to live on Social Security, an Investor searching for a place where your money will have more value or an expat executive, Ecuador offers several types of residency categories for you to live, work and play in this unique country.

Both, Lawyers of Ecuador and Lawyers of Latin America have extensive experience in immigration procedures at the service of our clients. When you become our client, you are hiring a world class residency application service to become an Ecuadorian resident. Ecuador offers perhaps the easiest most straightforward requirements to obtain the Ecuador residency and become a resident compared to the other countries in the continent.

Immigration in Ecuador

The following are the main visa categories available and the Ecuador visa requirements :

pensioner ecuador residency

Type of Visa: Pensioner 9-I

Main criteria: To demonstrate a lifetime monthly income of at least US$800.00 and an additional monthly US$100.00 per dependents like spouse and/or children. Such “life” income can be originated on a public employer, private employer and even from annuities derived from private insurance companies.

investor residency ecuador visa

Type of Visa: Investor 9-II

Main criteria: To demonstrate a minimum investment of US$25,000.00 in Ecuador. Such minimum investment can be made in the form of a Certificate of Deposit in an Ecuadorean bank or it can also be made in the form of a real estate acquisition.

professional visa ecuador

Type of Visa: Professional Visa 9-V

Main criteria: For Individuals that are not pensioners nor investors but who possess a foreign University or College issued Bachelor’s Degree or similar such as Masters, PhD, Medical Doctor, Juris Doctor. In this case, Ecuador expects applicants to become a positive influence in the country among the local future professionals.

Common Ecuador Visa Requirements for Residency

  • Application Form

  • Passport and its copy

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage License, if applicable

  • Background Check from the applicant’s country of residency

  • Country of residency information (last 5 years) and issued during the last 180 days of entrance to Ecuador.

  • All foreign documents have to be properly legalized

Please feel free to contact our specialized immigration attorneys in Ecuador to discuss your best residency options to move to Ecuador.

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